Month: January 2018

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Curious About Epicurious

While searching on the web for food ideas, a pop-up ad from caught my attention for something titled #COOK90. What is this? Well, it turns out to be an eating plan/encouragement/strategy/guide to preparing and eating 90 home cooked meals in 30 days. Breakfast, lunch […]

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Sweet Success

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!  Ring the bell, we have a winner.  After our two hilarious escapades in balsamic reduction (episode #1, episode #2), I went back to the original method Chef Husband taught me about a decade ago. Balsamic Reduction  4 parts dark balsamic vinegar  1 […]

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Sunday Reading – Tastemade

Instead of reading a traditional cookbook, today I explored the online foodie website of, which, according to their Wikipedia page, launched about six years ago. I downloaded their mobile app and discovered a plethora of fast-paced, jazzy-music, about-food videos. Welcome to the new media driven perspective of […]

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Goldilocks Muffins

When developing and testing a new recipe, if you have enough of the ingredients, it’s a good idea to test multiple variations. In the case of the English Muffins, Chef Husband set up 4 different variations of the silicone flex pan preparation. One mold was left completely […]

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We Have Lift Off

The time arrived for my bubbly Levain to make its debut appearance. We went to work, following, exactly, the Thomas Keller Bouchon Bakery recipe for English Muffins. Chef Husband worked to build a “Steam Generator” for the bottom of the oven (a pan full of […]

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Tiny Bubbles

Our quest for English Muffins is still on the horizon. After 5 days building the “Liquid Levain” wild yeast culture, the timing wasn’t there to proceed, so into the fridge it went for a slumber. Yesterday I pulled it back out, brought it to room […]

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Pizza Sauce, Really?

Tonight we had all the fixings to make Spanish rice, except we didn’t have any tomato sauce or tomato paste. We had some store bought produce items that they apparently called tomatoes, but nothing to impart any real flavor. So I went out on a […]