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Do you know any newlyweds? Has someone recently purchased a new home? Do you have a new neighbor that just moved in next door? Do you love to experiment in the kitchen? Please take a look around our recommendations below to find a gift for someone special…or yourself. If you find something you like and decide to make a purchase today, we may earn a commission and gratefully thank you for supporting our recipe blog and cooking school.

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Culinarily Yours, Chef Cal & Christa DeMercurio


Tapered Saucepan

3 qt Tri-Ply Chef’s Pot

Ceramic Fry Pan



Bella Immersion Blender


Mini Food Processor

Quick Shredder Slicer

Electric Side-Cut Can Opener


Electric Hot Water Kettle

11-Cup Food Processor

Stand Mixer

Hand Blender

1.3 cu microwave

Slow Cooker


These are some of our favorite must haves. Usually unknown in the home kitchen, but very handy once you know how and when to use them.

Tomato Shark

Chinois / China Cap Strainer

Disher Scoop #20


Sauce Gun


basic utensils

Wooden Spatulas

Silicone Spatulas

Flexible Spatulas

Mix n Chop

Silicone Spatula Turner




Cook Spoon

7″ Tongs


What’s the best knives to have in the drawer? Sharp ones.
#1 you need a good sharpener
#2 you need to sharpen your knives regularly.
Beyond that, it comes down to what’s comfortable in your hand, keeping in mind the material of the handle, the overall weight, the balance. Christa likes Shun knives, Cal likes Wusthof, but there’s a variety in their knife kit. Some of the best knives can be very inexpensive.
Other than the feel of the knife, the next most important detail is the function of the knife. Always have on hand a chef’s knife, a santoku knife, a sandwich knife, a pairing knife, and a boning knife. A nakiri is a bonus, as is a slicer.

9″ offset Sandwich Knife

6.5″ Nakiri

8″ Chef’s Knife

6″ Boning Knife

7″ Santoku

Bird’s Beak

Roast Slicer

Kitchen Shears

Tri-Diamond Sharpener

Bench Diamond Sharpener


Muffin Tins

Bench Scraper

Digital Scale

No edge Baking Sheet

Baking Stone


We have about 300 cookbooks in our collection. Some would say that’s a mega amount. Others would compete and say they have more. Either way, we all can add to our good reads.

Interesting Reads

Nourishing Traditions: Challenging Politically Correct Nutrition

Taste: Surprising Stories and Science

Ratio: The Simple Codes




By Thomas Keller


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