Author: Cal and Christa DeMercurio

Grilled Vegetable Salad

Grilled Vegetable Salad

Farmers’ Market Finds Each week, when we schedule a cooking demonstration at the Farmers’ Market, Chef Husband arrives early to purchase produce from the morning selection and then works it into the cuisine theme. This grilled vegetable salad was developed on Tex Mex day, featuring flavors of lime and cumin. […]

Sauce Bolognese Recipe

Bolognese Sauce

What turns an Italian tomato sauce, such as spaghetti or marinara sauce, into a Sauce Bolognese? The inclusion of four additional main flavors: chile flakes, bacon, cream and Parmigiano-Reggiano. The following recipe for Bolognese sauce features all four.

2019 Salsa Contest

September 7 at the Redding Farmers’ Market Ready to present your bestest-most-loved salsa recipe? Enter your salsa in the 2019 Salsa Contest at the Redding Farmers Market on September 7th. Farmers’ Market Schedule 7:30 am – Market opens 8:30 am – Fresh Salsa demonstration presented by Chef Cal DeMercurio 8:30-9:15 […]

Cheap Dinner Date

Chef Husband, “Any ideas for dinner?” Me: “Nope.” Chef Husband: (half) jokingly, “Hey, I think there’s a can of SPAM in the cabinet.” Guess what I went looking for…  With a challenge before me, to overcome and elevate a less than desirable product, my first instinct was to treat this […]

A Pressing Matter

Tonight, I was requested by Chef Husband to purée a basket of blueberries. Proudly, I dumped them into my Ninja blender, whirled them round and round, and poured some into my little strainer. I grabbed a teaspoon and pressed them, and scraped them, and swirled them, all to no avail. […]

Bye Bye Spatula

Long, long ago, in a kitchen not far away… I would automatically reach for the spatula.  But my Jedi Master (Chef Husband) would teach me to not solely rely upon my customary utensil of choice, but to instead trust in my skills for moving the food that was sizzling in […]

Meyer Lemon Drop

Chef Husband brought home a beautiful pile of Meyer lemons from a friends tree. Meyers are very distinct with their sweeter flavor and softer flesh, a bit more like an orange, unlike the firm bright yellow standards found in the produce section. We try to always have a lemon readily […]