Leftovers Techniques

Baggie Bowls

I have always fought with zipper bags, trying to scoop things into them, and then having whatever wet sticky mess I was trying to put in, left behind all over the zipper and on the outside of the bag. Well no more! A little trick I learned from Chef Husband is that you roll the zipper opening back over on itself and create a “baggie bowl”. (This is how you would load a piping bag for frosting and the like). And if you need extra support for filling a bag with a sauce, set it inside a cup or bowl to hold it rigid. Once you’re done filling it up, unroll the top and zip it up. The zipper is all nice and clean.

Now I store way more things in zipper bags, even soups and sauces.
They cool and freeze well when the bag is laid out flat.

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Mrs. Chef (Christa)

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