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Out of the Frying Pan

We’re moving on from empanadas to egg rolls. Both take a “dough” wrapper of sorts, are filled with a mixture, and then sealed with egg wash, before cooking. Though we used biscuit dough and baked the empanadas, today would be a lesson in frying. I have […]

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Pulled Chicken Empanadas

Part 2 of our empanada story (remember I perceived empanadas to be difficult to make) proves to show how quickly they can actually be made. Chef Husband simply took a roasted chicken and hand pulled the breast, mixed in diced green onion tops and flavored to taste […]

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Olives in the Making

California is a wonderful hub for olive trees and local craft curing. A brief stop along Interstate-5 at Granzella’s, in Williams, presents the opportunity to gather a variety of styles and flavors. Chef Husband selected four varieties, procuring two of each, for a blended olive […]

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Balsamic Disaster

You live and learn. My goal today was to make a balsamic reduction that I could drizzle on an appetizer I was making. I have made the reduction before. It’s pretty simple…dark balsamic vinegar and sugar…simmer until it reduces by half into a syrup-like consistency. […]