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Sunday Reading – Bagels

While I wait for the starter to ferment for making English Muffins (tonight I fed my “liquid levain” more four and water), I was curious about another breakfast bread, bagels. As I didn’t see anything in Bouchon Bakery, I started a little Google search to […]

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Flour and Water

After painstakingly reading the Bouchon Bakery bread chapter, flip-flopping back and forth between which yeast bread to attempt first, we’ve landed on the English Muffin. Starting tonight, for the next four days, we begin the process of growing and feeding the starter from just two […]

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Choosing a Bread

When you begin delving into the world of bread, there’s apparently a lot to consider. The main issue is timeline. If you want bread on Saturday, you may need to start the process on Tuesday, beginning with the pre-fermentation process with the yeast. In “Bouchon […]

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First Focaccia

I have always loved to bake, primarily cookies and quick breads, but have shied away from yeast breads. One of my goals is to overcome my hesitancy to make bread from scratch (without a bread machine). It can be a daunting process because of the […]