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Out of the Frying Pan

We’re moving on from empanadas to egg rolls. Both take a “dough” wrapper of sorts, are filled with a mixture, and then sealed with egg wash, before cooking. Though we used biscuit dough and baked the empanadas, today would be a lesson in frying. I have […]

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Scrambled Eggs

Chef Husband pulled together a quick breakfast this morning, by making scrambled eggs. As I watched, I learned a few techniques. Take the pan off the burner: I noticed the pan full of liquid eggs, whisked with a bit of milk, was cooking off of […]

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Boiling Eggs

Lots of lettuce on hand begs for the making of a big chef salad for dinner. Let’s “pick up some Thousand Island” turns into let’s “make some homemade Thousand Island.” Thus a big storage container of binders, including recipes from past endeavors, arrives on the […]