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Baggie Bowls

I have always fought with zipper bags, trying to scoop things into them, and then having whatever wet sticky mess I was trying to put in, left behind all over the zipper and on the outside of the bag. Well no more! A little trick […]

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A Pressing Matter

Tonight, I was requested by Chef Husband to purée a basket of blueberries. Proudly, I dumped them into my Ninja blender, whirled them round and round, and poured some into my little strainer. I grabbed a teaspoon and pressed them, and scraped them, and swirled […]

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Creme de la Creme

Opportunity arose for a second run at Creme Anglaise  and this time we had smooth sailing. I had all of the ingredients ready this time. I remembered where I had run into a few troubles, so I made some adjustments in my set-up, two of them […]

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Sweet Success

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!  Ring the bell, we have a winner.  After our two hilarious escapades in balsamic reduction (episode #1, episode #2), I went back to the original method Chef Husband taught me about a decade ago. Balsamic Reduction  4 parts dark balsamic vinegar  1 […]

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Pizza Sauce, Really?

Tonight we had all the fixings to make Spanish rice, except we didn’t have any tomato sauce or tomato paste. We had some store bought produce items that they apparently called tomatoes, but nothing to impart any real flavor. So I went out on a […]

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Balsamic Take Deux

Since the cranberry balsamic incident, a few days ago, used up our dark balsamic in the pantry, I discovered that we had some white balsamic available and considered trying it in a reduction. Would it work similar to dark balsamic? Perhaps it would have a […]