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Small Dice

My homework for tonight, as assigned by Chef Husband, was to take the smoked chicken breasts from last night and prep them for lettuce wraps, specifically cutting them into a “small dice”. Knife skills are one of the hallmarks in cooking, with “knife cuts” focusing […]


Mr. Resourceful

Chef Husband had been marinating a lovely set of chicken breasts for 24 hours. When the time arrived to get cooking, he opted to smoke them in our 55-gallon drum smoker, also known in our family as the chicken barrel. Normally he would hang half-chickens […]

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Olives in the Making

California is a wonderful hub for olive trees and local craft curing. A brief stop along Interstate-5 at Granzella’s, in Williams, presents the opportunity to gather a variety of styles and flavors. Chef Husband selected four varieties, procuring two of each, for a blended olive […]



The commercial kitchen has its own lingo. It is a culture unto itself. As Chef Husband and I stole away for a brief lunch in between errands, we observed our ordered meals, which came with a side of fries. He could tell by their appearance […]

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Radical Radishes

Often a sandwich or a salad needs a little zesty kick. Consider the value added flavor of a few slices of a pepperoncini or a Peppadew. One of the hallmarks of a Bahn Mi sandwich are the pickled radishes. Radishes are probably one of the […]

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Creme de la Creme

Opportunity arose for a second run at Creme Anglaise  and this time we had smooth sailing. I had all of the ingredients ready this time. I remembered where I had run into a few troubles, so I made some adjustments in my set-up, two of them […]

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Curious About Epicurious

While searching on the web for food ideas, a pop-up ad from epicurious.com caught my attention for something titled #COOK90. What is this? Well, it turns out to be an eating plan/encouragement/strategy/guide to preparing and eating 90 home cooked meals in 30 days. Breakfast, lunch […]