Chef Cal

Chef Cal has a very unique background that has touched many facets of the Food and Beverage world, with extensive professional experience across multiple industry segments from continental fine dining to American family casual. He began his passionate pursuit of food at the age of 16 when he entered the back door of a restaurant and offered to wash dishes for free just so he could watch the chef work. 

At that early age, he also started competing as an amateur chef. Cal’s
career fast tracked when he entered the American Culinary Federation
Apprenticeship Program in 1980, graduating in 1983, and climbed the ladder to Certified Executive Chef, quickly being recognized as Chef of the Year. From there he has experienced everything from the pinnacle of cooking for dignitaries and professionally competing in the International Culinary Olympics (IKA) to getting into the trenches of designing and building professional kitchens from the ground up.
Chef Cal loves to blend his traditional French Escoffier training with his Italian heritage in many of his creations, but he has an eclectic repertoire that spans cuisines from around the globe, including Asian, European, traditional American and beyond. His philosophy begins with food, understanding ingredients, how they balance to create the best flavor and how they present themselves as a feast for the eyes. 

Throughout his career, as an instructor to ACF apprentices, CRAEF ProStart
students, collegians, and aspiring foodies, his love for sharing his craft
is infectious to those who want to learn more and grow as culinarians and

Cal lives in Redding, California with his wife Christa, their son
Isaac, their big lab Remi and his kitty buddy Mister Milo. There are no restaurants on the horizon. Together they are rebuilding and improving their health, while Cal helps Christa regain her strength from a recent aggressive flare with Multiple Sclerosis and Psoriatic Arthritis. Christa is also the organizer for the local support group, HOPE4MS. Together they are moving forward in Catering, Food Styling and Restaurant Photography.

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