Cooking Classes

Do you wear a well loved and charming apron?
Do you wear a crisp starched chef coat?
Do you know how to boil water?
Do you know how to make a meal with only what you have on hand?

If you answered yes or no to any of the above questions, you are perfectly suited for a cooking class. There are many reasons to be a part of a cooking class. You could be participating as part of a retreat, a couples communication weekend, a fun get together with the girls, a personal one on one lesson, even a professional skills training boot camp. But most important, at the root, cooking should be fun. In the professional world, the restaurant industry is a workout for the body and mind, but so rewarding for the soul. At home the reward is even more so when you can increase the time and connections you have with your family and friends, by sharing in community and conversation around the table.

To schedule a cooking class, let’s get started with some information.

Are you organizing this for a business, school, or other organization?
How many attendees will be joining the class?
What type of class experience would you propose for your event?
What is the predominant skill level for your participants?
Are you interested in including a wine pairing session with your class?
Where would you like your class to be held?
Please let us know if you have a specific idea in mind for cuisine, techniques, etc that you would like to incorporate.

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