Creme de la Creme

Opportunity arose for a second run at Creme Anglaise  and this time we had smooth sailing. I had all of the ingredients ready this time. I remembered where I had run into a few troubles, so I made some adjustments in my set-up, two of them key to my success. 
First, for tempering the eggs, I made sure the eggs were on my left so that I could whisk with my left hand, while using my right hand to ladle the hot scalded milk. Last time, I had set it up on the opposite side and I struggled to control the ladle with my left hand.
The other improvement was to have the vanilla, added at the very end the recipe, already measured into the cooling bowl so that when we reached the exact point to remove the custard from the heat, there were no delays and the custard could be whisked immediately into the vanilla, with the added bonus of starting the cooling process.
For tonight’s dessert, I took a slice of Trader Joe’s Organic Chunky Apple Cinnamon bread, dry toasted it in a sautée pan on both sides (over medium heat), and set it in a pool of Creme Anglaise. From there, a small portion of warm Duncan Hines Wilderness [More Fruit] Apple pie filling went on top, then a light dusting of cinnamon sugar over the top of the whole dish.

I definitely learned from my mistakes and was able to prepare wisely and avoid mishaps. Feeling accomplished with a happy yummy tummy.
Until next time…
Culinarily Yours,

Mrs. Chef (Christa)

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