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Heck of an Anniversary

This last weekend marked a big annual event for us…our wedding anniversary. It’s usually an occasion we go out of our way to celebrate, especially with food and wine. However, this year fell into the unusual category.

We are currently celebrating three weeks post surgery for Chef Husband’s shoulder, which needed a bit of repair. Thus, he has been relegated to the recliner to heal. To top it off, my neck went out last week, so my upper back and shoulder were in a constant state of spasms. Neither of us were getting any sleep.So here we are, a fair youngish couple, only married for 12 years, and we’re already hobbling around with our heat wraps, ice packs, exercise bands and ibuprofen. Sitting side by side in our easy chairs, much like Ellie and Mr. Fredricksen, our anniversary began with a ton of laughter, at our own expense.
Over the last few days, we have been amazingly blessed by the hospitality group at our church. Each day someone has brought us dinner, so we can rest, repair and recover. I have never been so appreciative of foil take-n-toss pans and paper plates.
One of our deliveries was a large Papa Murphy’s Take n Bake, with fixings to build a custom pizza. With half leftover, this became the base for our somewhat gourmet anniversary breakfast. We topped it with diced red bell peppers, chopped green onions, scrambled eggs and chunks of Brie cheese (the latter two going on and brought to temp in the last 5 minutes of baking). Oh, and then I garnished it with some fresh basil, picked fresh from our back patio.
Yet, our breakfast pizza wasn’t the highlight. We were going to go all out and have a champagne breakfast on TV trays to celebrate our anniversary, while watching the Ryder Cup. However, Chef Husband couldn’t uncork a bottle of champagne, with one arm completely out of commission. And, believe it or not, I’ve never opened a bottle of champagne before. Heck, I didn’t even learn to open a bottle of wine or a beer bottle until I was 30. Screw tops and Wild Vines were my specialty.
So now, it’s time for me to expand my repertoire.
First, find the tear strip and peel it around.
Next, untwist the cork cage.
Third, aim the bottle and cork away from yourself (and not at someone else either 😉).
Then, with both thumbs, gently start directing the cork out of the bottle and let the pressure inside the bottle do the rest.

And away she goes! Of course, I had aimed perfectly, and it shot out and ricocheted off the wall and hit me dead center. Couldn’t do that again if I tried!