A Chef for 40 Years, a Lover of Food for Life

Chef Cal DeMercurio’s passion is to bless others by using his culinary gifts and wisdom, gained from over 40 years’ experience in the professional kitchen. He began his passionate pursuit of food at the age of 16 when he entered the back door of a local restaurant and offered to wash dishes for free just so he could watch the chef work. His unwavering commitment to excellence in food preparation has always been a goal that he hopes to share with all.


Top recipes for you to try at Culinarily Yours
Beginner Asian Kale & Herb Salad The popular power green, kale, meets a blend of delicate yet flavorful herbs, with a touch of pungent fresh
Intermediate Sweet Crepes For a light and airy breakfast, whip up some crepes. Crepes can also be used for desserts and adapted
Beginner Summer Gazpacho Soup Gazpacho is a chilled vegetable soup that’s a refreshingly cool treat during the heat of summertime. It’s also a




Have you ever grilled your salad?

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Peeling Carrots

Are you doing it the right way?

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Peeling Carrots


Thank you to all who have dined with us over the years!
Robert Mondavi Robert Mondavi

"To Cal, Thank you for your enthusiasm for our wines and your dedication to wine and food."

Kitchen Stories

Culinarily Yours started simply as a food blog all the way back in 2010, with posts about adventures in cooking. These are our stories.

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