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Kitchen Gadget Goodies

Chef Husband was so sweet today to bring me home parchment paper, a digital thermometer, and pastry brushes. All the gadgets I was lacking the other day when I made my first Focaccia.

Speaking of gadgets, we have this great great little silicone tube from Pampered Chef that we use to roll fresh whole garlic cloves and remove their peels easily, and today I got creative. We had an entire pan full of roasted garlic cloves that needed to be packed for freezing, and portioning it all into small (and very narrow) zip bags was going to be a chore. What could I use to simplify this messy endeavor? Well, I opened the gadget drawer and saw the garlic peeler tube…and voila. I could fill the tube with the garlic by scooping it along in the pan, then when it was full, just put one end into the bag and down inside the bag would slide all the garlic. It worked, kind of like a funnel, but with a much bigger hole. I love kitchen gadgets.

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