Meyer Lemon Drop

Chef Husband brought home a beautiful pile of Meyer lemons from a friends tree. Meyers are very distinct with their sweeter flavor and softer flesh, a bit more like an orange, unlike the firm bright yellow standards found in the produce section.

We try to always have a lemon readily available for cooking. Kind of like onions and garlic, they are a basic ingredient to have around, as is a lime.
My next culinary mission was actually a little Mixology. Fresh lemons plus vodka equals a Lemon Drop Martini.
First step, make a simple syrup. I asked Chef Husband, “What’s in a simple syrup?” It’s simple. One part sugar, one part water, bring to a boil, dissolve the sugar and cool. And yes, it’s that simple.
Next, mis en place. Shaker, jigger, ice, fresh squeezed lemon juice, vodka (and simple syrup).
I couldn’t just toss the beautiful rind of the lemons after squeezing the juice, so I zested them beforehand, to save for another endeavor.
First attempt, I measured the ingredients into the shaker, added some ice and gave it a few shakes. Feedback, too much flavor of the rind (because I had used the leftover lemon pieces, after juicing, to rim the glass with sugar), and not cold enough (I was impatient and the syrup wasn’t completely cool, plus the only cold ingredients were the ice and the vodka).
Take two, everything was chilled in the fridge, including the glasses and shaker. For rimming the glasses, I used the fresh squeezed juice before twisting them in the sugar. I also added way more ice to the shaker.

2 parts vodka, chilled in the freezer, 1 part fresh squeezed Meyer lemon juice, 1 part simple syrup, lots of ice, and a lot of shaking…a dangerously yummy cocktail with a beautiful shimmer of crystals across the top. This one is a keeper.
Until next time…

Culinarily Yours,
Mrs. Chef (Christa)