Kitchen Stories

Oh, The Bunny

Pinch hitting is often the name of the game in cooking. When I determined that I was short on chocolate for my dessert, a baked chocolate mousse, I was faced with a harrowing challenge. We only had on hand a typical bag of chocolate chips, which weighs 12-oz., four ounces short of the full pound I needed.

Chef Husband asked if we had any chocolate bars in the candy stash. No, but we did have an untouched Easter Bunny. Thus, I was faced the emotional dilemma of melting my son’s bunny.

It was difficult watching the bunny melt into a puddle in the double boiler.

“I’m melting… I’m melting”.

I then proceeded to sing the Bunny Song from Veggie Tales, popular in te 90’s.

“The bunny, the bunny, whoa I love the bunny.”


The bunny was ultimately sacrificed, with a payoff that was grand.
Luckily, our son doesn’t read our blog.