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Sunday Reading – #cook90 2018

As I mentioned a few days ago, on the 30th, I was curious about the promotion I came across for #cook90 and was awaiting the details and weekly encouragement to arrive in my inbox. What I didn’t know, was that the program ended the next day, running January 1-31, which I found out when the […]

Olives in the Making

California is a wonderful hub for olive trees and local craft curing. A brief stop along Interstate-5 at Granzella’s, in Williams, presents the opportunity to gather a variety of styles and flavors. Chef Husband selected four varieties, procuring two of each, for a blended olive appetizer. He drained all eight […]


The commercial kitchen has its own lingo. It is a culture unto itself. As Chef Husband and I stole away for a brief lunch in between errands, we observed our ordered meals, which came with a side of fries. He could tell by their appearance that they were “sandbagged”. I […]

Radical Radishes

Often a sandwich or a salad needs a little zesty kick. Consider the value added flavor of a few slices of a pepperoncini or a Peppadew. One of the hallmarks of a Bahn Mi sandwich are the pickled radishes. Radishes are probably one of the lesser thought of vegetables on […]

Creme de la Creme

Opportunity arose for a second run at Creme Anglaise  and this time we had smooth sailing. I had all of the ingredients ready this time. I remembered where I had run into a few troubles, so I made some adjustments in my set-up, two of them key to my success.  First, […]

Curious About Epicurious

While searching on the web for food ideas, a pop-up ad from caught my attention for something titled #COOK90. What is this? Well, it turns out to be an eating plan/encouragement/strategy/guide to preparing and eating 90 home cooked meals in 30 days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all made at […]

Sweet Success

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!  Ring the bell, we have a winner.  After our two hilarious escapades in balsamic reduction (episode #1, episode #2), I went back to the original method Chef Husband taught me about a decade ago. Balsamic Reduction  4 parts dark balsamic vinegar  1 part sugar Bring to boil […]

Sunday Reading – Tastemade

Instead of reading a traditional cookbook, today I explored the online foodie website of, which, according to their Wikipedia page, launched about six years ago. I downloaded their mobile app and discovered a plethora of fast-paced, jazzy-music, about-food videos. Welcome to the new media driven perspective of cooking! Tastemade is very much geared […]