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Chardonnay Pairing


 Off to the grocery store I went today to grab a few things, including a bottle of Chardonnay, some butter and fresh lemons, at the request of Chef Husband. I’m not one to gravitate towards a Chardonnay, so I gambled and went for a Chateau St. Michelle, since I enjoy […]

Balsamic Disaster


 You live and learn. My goal today was to make a balsamic reduction that I could drizzle on an appetizer I was making. I have made the reduction before. It’s pretty simple…dark balsamic vinegar and sugar…simmer until it reduces by half into a syrup-like consistency. But this time I was […]

Grilled Cheese Oomph


 Ever since I was a little girl, grilled-cheese sandwiches, with a bowl of tomato soup for dipping, have been my go-to comfort food. Over the years the tomato soup has graduated to new levels with additions of Italian seasoning or fresh basil and a little cream and some heat from […]

Pressing Out Hamburgers


 As I was preparing to make a hamburger for our son, I learned a quick lesson on working with fresh hamburger meat (as opposed to pulling a preformed patty from the freezer like I usually do). I’ve always heard that if you overwork the meat, it would be tough, which […]

The Journey Begins


 Instead of a New Year’s resolution, I asked my chef husband to be my tutor/mentor/sage (not the herb) for the 2018 year, teaching me his tips, tricks and wisdom in the culinary department. I figured that after over a decade together, our bakers dozen year should be a fun journey […]

A Little Garnish for Your Grillin’


 Try this fresh and sweet relish atop your favorite grilled fish or chicken to give it a little extra kick. Mango Relish Chef Cal DeMercurio, C.E.C. 1 pint Mango, fresh, diced 1 cup Roma Tomato, diced 1 medium Red Onion, fine diced 4 pieces Green Onion, chopped fine ½ cup […]

Using up the last of your garden


 It’s about time to say good-bye to this year’s garden and I’m sure you’re running out of ways to use your plenty. How about making some simple bread and butter pickles that will be good for months to come and ready to eat in the fridge? I make bread and butter […]

The Legacy of Cioppino


 Growing up, I often heard the stories from my Dad about Grandpa being a fisherman in San Francisco. They tell of him being a part of a legacy…the legacy we know today as Cioppino (chu-PEE-noh). The story goes that at the end of the day, when all the fisherman came […]