Tag: Leftovers

Baggie Bowls

I have always fought with zipper bags, trying to scoop things into them, and then having whatever wet sticky mess I was trying to put in, left behind all over the zipper and on the outside of the bag. Well no more! A little trick I learned from Chef Husband […]

Cheap Dinner Date

Chef Husband, “Any ideas for dinner?” Me: “Nope.” Chef Husband: (half) jokingly, “Hey, I think there’s a can of SPAM in the cabinet.” Guess what I went looking for…  With a challenge before me, to overcome and elevate a less than desirable product, my first instinct was to treat this […]

Small Dice

My homework for tonight, as assigned by Chef Husband, was to take the smoked chicken breasts from last night and prep them for lettuce wraps, specifically cutting them into a “small dice”. Knife skills are one of the hallmarks in cooking, with “knife cuts” focusing on the execution of a […]

Curious About Epicurious

While searching on the web for food ideas, a pop-up ad from epicurious.com caught my attention for something titled #COOK90. What is this? Well, it turns out to be an eating plan/encouragement/strategy/guide to preparing and eating 90 home cooked meals in 30 days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all made at […]

Sunday Reading – Cooks Illustrated Magazine

As my bread went through it’s second rise, I thumbed through the rest of the old 20th anniversary edition of Cooks Illustrated Magazine (November 2012), which I had found the recipe for the bread in. It’s interesting to read through all the trial and error that occurs in a test […]

Slurry vs Roux

Chef Husband is a master at making soup from scratch. He taught Soups, Stocks and Sauces at Shasta College for oodles of years and the necessity of developing a Soup du Jour on a daily basis for restaurants, keeping creativity at the forefront. I’ve become very spoiled with the texture […]