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Getting the Hang of It

Today was the day. In my progression of sautée practice, I moved on from a slice of bread to a generous handful of navy beans. The trick seems to be, not to feel it in the wrist but to work those biceps, keeping the pan pretty much level. My science background can’t […]

Have Pan Will Flip

Seriously? Seriously. I’m watching TV and working on flipping a piece of bread in a little sautée pan. No beans yet. There’s a rhythm to be found, almost like a locomotive, chugga chugga, chugga chugga.  Until next time… Culinarily Yours,  Mrs. Chef (Christa) READ YESTERDAY:  Hooch, There it is

Jumping Beans

Sautée: a French term meaning tossed (from sauter to jump) or the Latin term saltāre meaning to dance (from salīre to spring). Sautée has always been intimidating to me. To take a heavy hot pan and to move it in such a way so that it’s extremely hot contents go flying in the […]

Mushroom Duxelles

Mushroom Duxelles sounds very fancy and complicated; however it is quite the opposite. As Chef Husband turned up the heat on the stove, he would pass me the baton (knife) to rough chop the mushrooms. Into the sautée  pan went the butter, which melted and bubbled over medium-high heat. In […]