Tag: Techniques

We Have Lift Off

The time arrived for my bubbly Levain to make its debut appearance. We went to work, following, exactly, the Thomas Keller Bouchon Bakery recipe for English Muffins. Chef Husband worked to build a “Steam Generator” for the bottom of the oven (a pan full of rocks and chain that you […]

Anglaise to the Rescue

It’s a very unusual occasion in our home to have extra milk on hand (because we drink a lot of it and go through it quickly), but quickly approaching expiration dates led to our next exploration. I chose to pursue a soft pourable custard, from my grandmother’s 1956 Betty Crocker […]

Stack then Cut

As I watched Chef Husband prepare our Chef Salads last night, I learned a new trick that he said was old school. A quick way to prep the meat and cheese for the salad is to layer the sliced meat, then sliced cheese, then sliced meat, and so on (we […]

Boiling Eggs

Lots of lettuce on hand begs for the making of a big chef salad for dinner. Let’s “pick up some Thousand Island” turns into let’s “make some homemade Thousand Island.” Thus a big storage container of binders, including recipes from past endeavors, arrives on the table. The Thousand Island Dressing […]

Kitchen Gadget Goodies

Chef Husband was so sweet today to bring me home parchment paper, a digital thermometer, and pastry brushes. All the gadgets I was lacking the other day when I made my first Focaccia. Speaking of gadgets, we have this great great little silicone tube from Pampered Chef that we use […]

Sunday Reading – Bouchon Bakery

Last week I decided to join the Food52.com baking club (Facebook group) as they were planning to next explore Thomas Keller’s “Bouchon Bakery” cookbook (which we just happen to already have). Since I tackled my first “yeast” bread yesterday, I dove into reading the bread chapter. Perfect timing I’d say. […]

First Focaccia

I have always loved to bake, primarily cookies and quick breads, but have shied away from yeast breads. One of my goals is to overcome my hesitancy to make bread from scratch (without a bread machine). It can be a daunting process because of the overall start to finish time, […]

Grilled Cheese Oomph

Ever since I was a little girl, grilled-cheese sandwiches, with a bowl of tomato soup for dipping, have been my go-to comfort food. Over the years the tomato soup has graduated to new levels with additions of Italian seasoning or fresh basil and a little cream and some heat from […]