Bye Bye Spatula

Long, long ago, in a kitchen not far away…

I would automatically reach for the spatula.
But my Jedi Master (Chef Husband) would teach me to not solely rely upon my customary utensil of choice, but to instead trust in my skills for moving the food that was sizzling in the hot sautée pan on the stove. No, not with my mind, but with a quick movement of my arm.
My training began with a piece of bread, and then a cup of dry beans (both in a little 8” pan, not over the stove). I then moved on to toasting sliced almonds and then to searing gnocchi (the latter in a hot 10” pan).

Now I can (most of the time) sautée a 12” pan full of hot ingredients – without a spatula. Bye bye spatula.