Pulled Chicken Empanadas

Part 2 of our empanada story (remember I perceived empanadas to be difficult to make) proves to show how quickly they can actually be made.

Chef Husband simply took a roasted chicken and hand pulled the breast, mixed in diced green onion tops and flavored to taste with sweet chili sauce, red curry paste and salt and pepper. From there, I took about a tablespoon full and squeezed it in my palm to compress the mixture, and then placed it in the center of the rolled/docked biscuit dough.
After dipping my fingers in egg wash (which is a beaten egg with a little water), I put a smear of it around the edge of half, folded over the dough, and punched it together. Pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch. Grab a fork, pressing the tines back over my pinches, and done. 
A little more egg wash across the tops and they went into a 400 oven to bake for about 12 minutes.

A perfect little side for our lamb skewer dinner.
Until next time…
Culinarily Yours,

Mrs. Chef (Christa)


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