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Anglaise to the Rescue

It’s a very unusual occasion in our home to have extra milk on hand (because we drink a lot of it and go through it quickly), but quickly approaching expiration dates led to our next exploration. I chose to pursue a soft pourable custard, from my grandmother’s 1956 Betty Crocker cookbook, also known as Creme Anglaise. I had slight trepidation, as I have never used a double boiler nor tempered eggs.

Chef Husband set me up with a Bain-Marie (water bath) while I set up my Mis en Place (tools and ingredients, everything in place). Into the top of the double boiler went the milk to scald, off to the side, beaten eggs and sugar were waiting, as was the ice bath to finish.
One small scoop of hot milk into the bowl of eggs, whisk-whisk, a few more scoops, whisk-whisk, then all back together over the heat, whisk-whisk, looking great, it’s ready for… Uh oh, where’s the vanilla?
5 seconds to grab the Madagascar vanilla from the cabinet. Nooooooo, it’s starting to break and curdle. Super Chef Husband flies in to save the day. He whips out the beurre mixer (immersion blender) and rescues the Anglaise from near certain failure. Perfectly smooth and creamy. 
A teachable moment on mis en place, it’s about having EVERYTHING you need at hand. And you can save a sauce with an immersion blender.

Until next time…
Culinarily Yours,

Mrs. Chef (Christa)
Pizza Sauce, really?