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Sunday Reading – Tastemade

Instead of reading a traditional cookbook, today I explored the online foodie website of, which, according to their Wikipedia page, launched about six years ago.
I downloaded their mobile app and discovered a plethora of fast-paced, jazzy-music, about-food videos. Welcome to the new media driven perspective of cooking! Tastemade is very much geared toward the millennial audience, promoting cuisine that is ethnic, healthy, and a bit exotic at times. Perhaps you would like to make Egg Clouds or Potato Spirals?
The videos seem to promote ease of preparation. Method and technique are not the focus. After several videos, I found myself longing to β€œread” a recipe. If you are looking for it, you can find the link to a recipe.
As much as I do utilize the internet and apps for research and to discover new ideas, I really appreciate being able to grab a ratty, old, stained cookbook off the shelf and work with Chef Husband to truly understand the techniques that have been handed down through the wisdom and experience of those working in the kitchen over the centuries.
Until next time…
Culinarily Yours,

Mrs. Chef (Christa)
Goldilocks Muffins