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Recipes Recipes Everywhere

Part of the end goal of this year is to go through all of Chef Husband’s (and a few of my own) recipes stashed here and there and everywhere, on recipe cards, in file folders, on sticky notes, sent in emails, saved on old disks, and gather them into a cleaned up and organized fashion, and perhaps put together a cookbook.

Today I tackled what was available in the computer and on email and moved them all into one file folder. As we find them, their further development, refinement and final edits should be enough to keep us busy cooking throughout the year.

The one question weighing on my mind, is what format should they be typed into. I’ve yet to find a recipe program or cookbook template that jumps out at me. For now, the hunt for buried treasures continues, some of them maybe written on a cocktail napkin or hiding in another cookbook on the shelf. Ya never know.

Until next time…

Culinarily Yours,

Mrs. Chef (Christa)

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